Pink Rose - Pack of 12 boxes (20gm each)

Pink Rose - Pack of 12 boxes (20gm each)

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20 Grams

For all their eye-catching beauty, roses hide a few secrets in their lush blooms. Their fragrance can be mysterious, evocative, romantic and even surprising. No two rose-lovers experience their scent in quite the same way, a difference that's due not only to our individual noses, but also to the genetic make-up and growing conditions of the roses themselves. The smell of roses is thought to be relaxing and restorative because it encourages us to breath deeply and slowly. 


Once a rose is fully open, the fragrance is different from the rose in a bud form. The chemicals that create the scent change as the buds unfold. Warm, humid weather intensifies fragrance. 


Rose perfume is at its most intense early in the morning. It's thought that the scent dissipates as the blooms age. 

Roses are traditional symbols of love and romance. Rose essential oil, also known as attar, is made from the Damask Rose (Rosa damascene) or the Cabbage Rose (Rosa centifolia). Because the oil is so concentrated, it's diluted before it's used commercially. 


Rose oil, like fine wines, can be affected by many factors such as the soil the plants are grown in, the amount of rainfall they receive, and the altitude where they are raised.